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Volunteer News

Volunteer News

Wednesday, 13 September, 2017

Investing in Volunteers

Quality Standard in Volunteer Management

The volunteer department is delighted to announce that we will be working very closely with Volunteering Ireland over the coming year to review and assess our volunteer programme.  The aim of this assessment is to ensure that we reach all the indicators required to receive the Investing in Volunteers, Quality Standard in Volunteer Management.

Our Volunteers are very valuable to us and they enhance the quality of care we give to our patients and their families, so we are very excited to benchmark our volunteer programme with this assessment and then award.  A lot of work has to be done over the next year, and later in the assessment Volunteering Ireland will visit St Francis Hospice Raheny and Blanchardstown to speak with volunteers & staff.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting Barbara Kilbride or Brenda Lowry in Volunteer Services for more information.

Barbara Kilbride

Coordinator of Volunteer Services



A huge welcome goes to our newest volunteers: 

Helen Bond - Hospitality Volunteer IPU Blanchardstown

Rena Nugent - Hospitality Volunteer IPU Blanchardstown

Denis Carty - Cash Office Blanchardstown

Susan Gallagher - Hospitality Volunteer IPU Blanchardstown

Marian Halpin - Reception IPU Blanchardstown

Aileen Harrington - Musician Day Care Raheny

John Bedford - Hospitality IPU Raheny

Mary Penston - Artist Day Care Raheny

Eoin Clyncs - Driver Out-Patients Raheny

Stephen Foy - Complementary Therapist Blanchardstown

Deirdre Smith - Hospitality Volunteer IPU Blanchardstown

Vickie Green - CPCW Admin Blanchardstown

Peter Gahan - Bereavement Support

Jim Kieran - Bereavement Support

Kate Ivory - Hospitality Day Care Raheny

Margaret McMahon - Hospitality Volunteer IPU Blanchardstown

Mary Mulherin - Driver Day Care/Out-Patients Blanchardstown

Jean Clarke - Hospitality Day Care Raheny

Rachel McGuinness - Driver Day CareOut-Patients Blanchardstown

Maria Dempsey - Hairdresser Day Care Raheny


For SFHD staff looking to volunteer - did you know there are over 3,000 volunteering opportunities currently available on I-VOL, the national database of volunteering, so what are you waiting for? Don't forget to check out the Volunteer Marketplace over on LinkedIn for skilled volunteering roles too.


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